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Canada’s Study Permit Update: Considerations for Indian Students

Attention international students hoping to canada’s study permit. The Canadian government has announced a two-year cap on approving study permits. This implies that the country will grant visas to fewer students, resulting in a 35% reduction compared to 2022 levels….

how does quantum computing work In 2024

Quantum computing, once relegated to the dusty realms of theoretical physics and sci-fi novels, is no longer a futuristic footnote. It’s rapidly transitioning into a tangible reality, poised to transform our world in ways we can only begin to imagine….

Job Market Insights: Why Google Layoffs 30k People

Tech Titans Shake the Ground – Layoffs Continues Google’s AI ambitions cast a shadow: Whispers of potential layoffs at Google, fueled by its AI advancements like Gemini and Bard, have sent ripples through the tech world. With a potential 30,000-person…

Can Silver Economy Of China shine amid population decline?

2023 brought a double whammy for China: a record low birth rate and a second consecutive year of population decline. This demographic shift isn’t just a statistic; it’s a seismic tremor shaking the very foundation of the world’s second-largest economy….

The Future of Work: Jobs Are at Risk Due to AI?

The world stands at the precipice of a technological tsunami – AI. While excitement crackles in the air, whispers of fear and uncertainty linger. Will AI be the golden key unlocking unprecedented growth and prosperity? Or will it unleash a…

Ram Mandir inauguration And Its Echoes Of History

The Ram Mandir: A Tapestry of Triumph, Scars, and Unfinished Dialogues Beyond Revenue: A Financial Colosseum in the Making Ram mandir Political Canvas: A Brushstroke of Hindutva Remembering the Echoes of the Past: Beyond Fanfare The Ram Mandir’s construction is…

Bilkis Bano Case Verdict And Case Timeline

Bilkis Bano: A Tapestry Woven with Threads of Trauma and Triumph Bilkis Bano’s Case Verdict Traumatic Incident And Case Timeline: The Traumatic Incident Of Bilkis Bano and Family: Bilkis Bano story weaves its way not just through dusty legal records,…